Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I lost my phone!!!

I can't believe myself! I NEVER lose anything. I'm usually the one who finds things, not loses them. I'm going crazy. I swear, ever since I had a baby I started going nuts! So, I lost my phone and it's no where to be found. So, all of you friends of mine...please be patient until I go get a new phone. To make matters worse, I didn't back up any of my contacts. I lost all my numbers! I really want to cry. Give me a couple of days to go get a new phone because I go in for shoulder surgery tomorrow, so I won't be able to go get one until the beginning of next week. Please send me a text of your number any time after that. I would greatly appreciate it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A quick run down

Over the holidays we had tons of family coming and going, so as you can imagine things were chaotic. Now...I have a lot of making up to do as far a my blog is concerned. First off, over Thanksgiving my Uncle Tim and Aunt Debbie (my dad's sister) came to visit from Texas. It was a blast. They had never seen Jett or Maddox and it just so happened that Melea, Jeff, and Maddox were there too. We all went and got a Christmas tree together and it was freezing. Poor Maddox got sick with the flu and had to turn around and go home. It was fun though. Zachary bundled Jett up and went and cut one down.
This is a cool story. So before my father's mother passed away, she was making him this blanket. Unfortunately, she never got to finish it for him, but my dad's little sister, Debbie, told her that she would finish it. Well, something like 36 years later, she took lessons on how to finish the blanket and she did! She gave it to him when she was up here for Thanksgiving. It was so cool!
Maddox doing his tricks for the camera. That's Jeff holding him with one hand!
Ok this is cute...Jett got this bouncing Tiger from Great Aunt Trina and Great Uncle Jody. When you pinch his tail he bounces, but he goes faster and faster the more you push his tail. At first it didn't work because Trina and Jody wore out the batteries! Jett had no idea what to think of it. He wasn't scared of it, but definitely couldn't figure out what was going on.
Uncle Zanen got Jett a cap gun and camo clothes. Jett couldn't hold the gun very well though. He kept hitting himself in the head! It was pretty funny. We're still working on those motor skills. :)
We had an early Christmas in Dixon and this present was from Zachary and I. His first basketball hoop! At first he just loved the babies on the box, but once he figured out that it made noise whenever he pulled the hoop down it quickly became his favorite toy. Along with the cap gun, this toy too may start to require a helmet! He pulls it down on his head all the time and starts to cry.
I was changing his diaper and he found his feet! It's about time. I couldn't post the other pictures because they were too graphic, but they are hilarious. He sucks his big toe! He likes to pull his socks off and suck his toe when I'm not looking. The gross part is the toe lint! Sometimes I don't get to him fast enough and I end up finding it in his mouth! I figure he'll be ok though. I'm sure I ate a lot worse.
This was taken when Melea and Jeff were here. We didn't sleep much because we wanted to spend time with them. In this picture Zachary was exhausted from getting up to watch Jett and poor Jett was tired because Maddox wore him out.
This was Maddox's way of playing with Jett...hitting him in the head! Jett got him back though because he sucked on his head and drooled all over him.
We celebrated my nephew's birthday early. Maddox had no idea what to do so Jeff, his dad, enjoyed opening his presents. Maddox liked the wrapping paper more than the presents.
This was when we went to get out Christmas tree. That's Jett in that bundle! It was 20 degrees out!
Jett sat up for the first time right before my sister came out to visit.
This was taken at my cousin Whitney's farewell in Frenchtown. She's serving a mission in Guatemala and her younger brother is in Chile. Cute shoes Whit!
Jett's sitting on Zachary's Christmas present...a kicking bad. He loved it. He would start to crack up laughing when Zachary would kick it, so we put him on it and he started to slap it. It's crazy how fast babies learn.
Over Christmas break Melea and I took our sons swimming for the first time. Maddox didn't know what to think, but Jett thought it was a giant bathtub. I can't wait to put him in a water babies swim class.
My boys! Can you tell where Jett gets his complexion?
I can't help but laugh when I see this next picture. We took the boys to the mall to get their picture with Santa and as you can see, Maddox wasn't very happy! Jett's face is to die for. He can't figure out why Maddox is crying.
Jett and Santa. Look at his cowboy boots! Courtesy of Grandpa Terry and Grandma Crystal.
Poor little Maddox. :) He's too cute!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I told you I was bad at this kind of stuff!

Ok I warned everybody that I was extremely bad at keeping any kind of journal...this included! Anyway, a lot has been happening since I last wrote so I will try to fill everyone in the best I can. Jett has been getting so big and starting to do lots of fun things. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a big fan of the infancy stage. Now that he's getting older and starting to interact more with me , it's way more fun! Ok, my first picture is of Shelli Schuett holding Jett. Zachary and I went down to Dillon on November 12th at 3:00pm and arrived there around 8:30pm. I wasn't sure how Jett was going to travel, but he surprisingly did really good. I had to drive with the cab light on the whole way because he would start to scream when I turned it off. I think he thought that since it was dark (it went dark at like 5:00pm) it was bedtime. Anyway, Shelli let me go shoot a deer on their property since I hadn't shot anything in FOREVER! I can't even remember the last time I got something. I already turned the deer into sausage, jerky, steaks, roasts, and hamburger. It was a learning experience for me because normally when you get something you take it into get it processed. The picture is of Jett trying to get a drink out of a cup that her boys let Jett have. These are Shelli's boys Austin (left) and Kaz (right) holding Jett. They didn't really seem to be that interested in Jett, but I guess when I was out hunting, they played with him a lot, especially Austin. Right before we were about to leave, they asked Shelli if they could keep him or something like that! It was the cutest thing. I can't wait to go back to visit them.
Ok, this may seem like a random picture to everyone, but Shelli will appreciate it! Isn't it beautiful?!
Zachary was such a good husband. He stayed at the cabin to take care of Jett so I could go out hunting with Zanen and Uncle Bubba. (Uncle Bubba is one of Shelli's friends who helped me get my deer) I thought this was a pretty picture that Zachary took of the Valley we were hunting in. Talk about BIG COUNTRY!
All you animal lovers don't look! This is Zanen after he cleaned out my deer. He's available to all you ladies! What a man! wink wink
Here we are with my deer. Zachary is on the left, me on the right and Zanen in the middle. Oh, and my 4 x 5 Whitetail. I was so excited in this picture because this is the only thing I have ever shot with antlers on it...and it's HUGE! (for me anyway)
This picture is of Jett eating his first 'real' food. That's if you could call rice cereal food. He loved it and couldn't get enough. I wanted to breastfeed until he was 6 months old, but two days after he turned 4 months I noticed him really start to eye my food. He would try to grab it and I figured, heck, why not! Isn't he cute?! He loves rice cereal, squash and sweet potatoes. He hates bananas, peaches, and prunes. That's all we've tried so far. Oh, and he hates Aunt Melea's homemade yogurt!
Daddy and son watching basketball on the big screen in Dixon. I think Jett was just so amazed at how big the people were that he couldn't keep his eyes off of it.
Grandma Crystal was tossing Jett up in the air and he thought it was sooooo funny! (We have to have a bib on him because he drools so much that if we didn't, he would drench his clothes in minutes)
Zachary, Jett, and Zanen after his basketball game in Pablo against SKC.
Zachary, Jett, Zanen, Great Grandma Faye and Great Grandpa Gene.
Grandma Crystal bought him a high chair and he loved it.
We went Trunk-or-Treating at the Church and Grandma Crystal and Grandpa Terry came up to celebrate with us. I poured rain the whole night! It was horribly wet and cold.
Jett was a bat! And the cutest bat I've ever seen.
My dad took my brother, Brian, hunting over east of the mountain and came back with this!!! If this isn't redneck I don't know what is! (At least they got something!)
This was Zachary's first Taekwondo tournament. He won!
Our friends, the Decker's, had a baby boy around the same time we did. Chris and his son Cooper are on the left with Zachary and Jett on the right.
Jett looked so cute sleeping, I just had to take his picture. We have Church from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and that's prime-time nap time for Jett. He is so exhausted every time we get home.
I started Taekwondo with Zachary, that's why I'm so sweaty and yucky looking. Jett was 3 months old in this picture.
Great Grandma Mary got him this toy and he loves it! This is when he first started to smile.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Aunt Melea

Aunt Melea got this cute little onesie for Jett and I must say, it fits him perfect! He just got me today before his bath. I turned away to check the water one more time before I put him in and as I was turning back around he started to pee all over the floor, his towel and his leg. So, it only seemed fitting that he wear this outfit.
Well, I just joined Taekwondo with Zachary and Brian. It's every Tuesday and Thursday night and we have a babysitter meet us there to watch Jett. Let me just say...I'm so out of shape! We had to do push-ups and I had to finish them on my knees. I wanted to cry! I've never been this weak in my life, but I guess I have to start somewhere.

It was crazy, yesterday I blacked out while feeding Jett. It was so scary. I was he only one home, so if I passed out, nobody would be there to help me or take care of Jett. I immediately set Jett down and called Zachary. As I waited for him to come home, I continually kept getting so dizzy that I couldn't stand up. Well, I found out today that I'm hypoglycemic. It has come back to haunt me. I used to have problems with it in high school while playing sports and the doctor said that because I'm breastfeeding I need to not eat any refined sugar and a little bit of protein in every meal. He also said that I should eat something while I breastfeed. That's going to be so hard! I might have to have Zachary feed me because I need both hands most of the time to take care of Jett. I have to hold Jett's top hand while I'm feeding him because he hits himself in the head and tries to get his and in there. It's pretty funny. Hopefully I can get this under control because I'm extremely tired.

Jett slept through the night! He went down at 9:30 and got up at 6:00. He did amazing! Of course I didn't sleep a wink. I was up checking on him to make sure he was breathing and still alive, but he did it. I hope this becomes a regular thing!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend we went down to Dixon to stay with Zachary's family. Zanen drove up from Dillon where he is going to school and surprised me! Zachary knew, but I had no idea, so that was a nice surprise! We stayed in Dixon until Sunday evening and then drove to Thompson Falls to visit Grandma Mary and Grandpa Ernie. It was a blast.

Zachary was watching T.V. and before he knew it, Jett was a sleep. That position can't be good for his neck!
My two boys! Melea...You like Jett's blanket?
Melea, sent me a picture of Maddox sitting in one of these Bumbos, so I just had to get one for Jett. He's still not very good a sitting straight up in it yet, but he's getting better. I don't think he likes it very much because he starts making wierd noises and grunting. I think it hurts his tummy because he spits up right after I take him out of it.

Jett hates being on his tummy. He gets so mad, but I snapped a shot before he started fussing.

This swing was my cousin Tammie's idea and I love her for it! Jett falls asleep in it all the time, which allows me to get things done that I need to.

On Sunday before we went to Thompson Falls, Zanen and I moved some cattle that came down out of the mountains. It was my first ride since before I got pregnant. I was a little rusty.
Grandma Mary relieving me of baby duty, so I could take a nap...or two...or three! It was AMAZING!

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Catch-Up Photos

OUR NEW FAMILY! I know I look like I just got hit by a truck, but I have a good reason for that...I just had a baby.

Zachary, Jett, Great Grandma Mary and Great Grandpa Ernie.

Zachary, Jett, Great Grandpa Gene, and Great Grandma Faye.

Grandma Crystal and Grandpa Terry with Jett on the day he came home from the hospital.

Me, Jett, Uncle Brian, and Uncle Zanen.

Me, Jett, Great Uncle Johnny, and Great Aunt Lettie.

Both Grandmas adoring baby Jett.

Grandpa Sneck with Jett.

Grandpa Terry holding Jett.